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"Self-Discovery Coaching with The Language of Light Program” 

Reveal ~> Release ~> Rest ~> Rise ~>

Trust Your Inner Knowing to Guide You…


In this 4-week Self-Discovery Coaching with The Language of Light Program, you will complete a full cycle around the Diamond of Self-Transformation by going from REVEAL in Week 1 to RELEASE in Week 2 to REST in Week 3, and finally to RISE in Week 4

Week 1-REVEAL SessionExplore and Reveal your clear Intention for the Program… 

Week 2-RELEASE SessionExamine what needs to be understood/processed/cleared/

               let go of in order to move toward manifesting the Intention set in the Reveal Session...

Week 3-REST SessionAllow any transformation to take place from what was Released...

Week 4-RISE Session What are your next steps…

Along with focused instruction, each Session will take you deeper into your inner self as we use the powerful tools of The Language of Light and Contemplation to bring a spiritual element into this Self-Discovery program. 

At the end of each Session, you will receive a transmission of The Language of Light which will be recorded for you to access and listen to throughout the week in between sessions. 


"The Language of Light Program with Rose Schneider was beyond what I imagined. Not knowing much about the Language of Light, I stepped into this journey with an open and curious heart. It was intriguing and fascinating to hear the sounds that came rolling effortlessly from within Rose. 

At the onset of the program, I was guided to determine a specific intention; and with Rose’s guidance, expertise and support, I received an awareness of what limiting beliefs had been holding me back. Surprisingly and as a bonus, this awareness went deeper and beyond my intention into other areas that were effected by those same beliefs. 

Overall I gained insight and clarity that moved me forward to realign and rise in many areas of my life. I highly recommend this program, especially since Rose shared not only her gift of language of light but also her powerful coaching skills. 

I look forward to work with Rose as my coach and intuitive coach." 

In gratitude, 

Janet - 2022


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