The Language of Light

An Introduction… 

My primary focus is to help people in their self-discovery… Who they really are in Life. The Language of Light is one method used as a vehicle to inspire self-discovery. It alters our consciousness and attunes us to a deeper connection with our intuition.

Altering our consciousness allows us to be open to different perceptions and experiences. There are many vehicles people use to alter their consciousness. Some people use meditation or chanting or tapping…while others use tuning forks or breathwork or psychedelics as a vehicle to alter their consciousness. 

A Description… 

The Language of Light is a channeled sound that spontaneously comes through me in response to the intention and vibrational frequency of the present individuals. The Language of Light comes through my voice in a conversational manner best described as sounding like an ancient language with varying intonations and inflections. It also comes through in song, tones, or other sounds… but mostly it sounds conversational. 

I have been working personally with this gift of The Language of Light for over 20 years using it to center and ground myself every day. Here are a few testimonials from past clients who describe their experiences:

  "Rose is open, welcoming. The grace abounds. When I see Rose I can immediately feel my vibration rise before we even begin. I feel a sense of calm as well as a sense of excitement. Even though I didn't know what to expect with Language of Light, I was interested in trying it out for my spiritual growth. Once we began, I knew that I was reaching a part of me that I wasn't sure even existed. I understood on another level that something very positive was happening in our exchange. It reached me body, mind, and spirit which resulted in an overall sense of joy and well-being as well as a clarity of vision and a reduction in anxiety around issues that I brought to the session." 


"Language of Light was like opening a doorway to Spirit. It was an experience to connect to my higher self on this earth plane and 'hear' the messages in my soul. These soul thoughts illuminated the path to discover my soul's purpose and my gifts. Rose's gift is truly unique and a divine inspiration for those who choose to open their hearts to listen." 


"I am honored to have had the opportunity to experience multiple sessions of Language of Light with Rose. It was a gentle process of opening and unfolding & learning to listen to my soul's wisdom. It is difficult to find the words to express that which transcends words… it is almost impossible to describe a process that speaks in a language that is understood by your innermost being and taps into your true essence reaching the deepest part of your knowing. Language has provided me with healing, affirmation, connection to the transcendent, and direct contact with my higher Self. Rose's extraordinary gift spoke directly to Me opening up my entire being to hear the voice of my soul.”

For the Highest Good…

I hold The Language of Light and its presence in my life as a very sacred Gift…meaning it’s not mine to possess, only to share with others on an individual basis or in a group setting. After 20 years, The Language of Light still constantly surprises and humbles me. Each time I open and allow The Language of Light to come through me, my prayer is always for the Highest Good… 

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